We provide legal advice and specific roadmaps for the clients in different parts of the world in shipping, energy, trade, and commercial law.


Our team provides guidance to the clients for their financial, regulatory, and legal compliance programmes in different sectors.

Legal Services

We have a broad practical knowledge of legal requirements in different transport modes at domestic and international level with a focus on supply chain and logistics management. We have experience in negotiating, drafting and revision of transportation contracts and advising on contract management. Our expert team draft contractual templates for shippers, carriers, and EPC companies in all modes of transport who need a smooth contractual structure for the continuity of their supply chain processes.

We advise energy procurement and supply companies in their contractual needs. We help them to negotiate and draft energy supply and carriage contracts. Our team is experienced in also litigating and arbitrating disputes and counselling on the regulatory and legal issues with respect to the energy law.

Having a special interest in net-zero target, we regularly advice our clients about the trends in the environmental law to help them conduct their business activities in compliance with the environmental requirements.

We are advising trading companies, importers, and exporters in their international business transactions.

Of critical importance are the ongoing and potential sanctions that affect international trade and the sale of commodities as well as the regulatory and legal compliance nationally and globally. Knowing that, we investigate about the trends and recent regulations and keep our clients updated about the developments in the international trade.


Workforce is in the heart of the culture of an organization, and it is a key element for the success in compliance with the regulations and ethical challenges. We provide our clients with modern and inclusive approaches to inspire their workforce to adhere to the values of the organization and avoid disputes. In case of actual disputes, our team provides the clients with the most cost-efficient and right solutions by litigating or conducting alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including mediation.

With a business orientation, our team is experienced in counselling in the clients’ financing activities and legal needs. We advise our clients on drafting commercial contracts and represent them in resolving disputes with their counterparts in litigation or alternative dispute resolution venues.

We monitor the new legislation and court precedents as well as the commercial trends and counsel our clients on changes that are relevant to their business activities. Being in the midst of a digitalization age, we are aware that cybersecurity, social media management, intellectual property rights and data management have become some of the most important elements in any company’s daily activities and we create road maps for the protection of our clients’ rights and manage their activities in compliance with the regulations and trending practices.

A great deal of the service we provide our clients with is related to financial activities and international trade. International sanctions regimes are continually evolving on a dynamic and volatile landscape. Therefore, a working sanctions awareness and compliance are essential for our clients in their domestic, regional, and international transactions. To this end, we periodically do position analysis with our clients to investigate their evolving needs and to foresee problems before such problems turn into compliance issues to avoid the imposition of civil or criminal sanctions.

A big amount of the work we do is related with international business activities of our clients and the contracts we deal with frequently refer to an international arbitration proceeding for the resolution of disputes. We guide our clients in such proceedings, representing them vigorously for a competitive price structure. Our purpose is to keep our clients’ reputation and commercial secrets secured and to direct them in a result-based, and cost and time efficient manner so that the clients could minimize their costs and time spent on the resolution of the conflict.

Maritime law has been the main and the initial area that we are known for in which we achieved many unprecedented results as pioneers in the field. We have the ability to understand the needs of our clients in shipping to overcome the challenges they face in their business activities. We have a shipping business mindset that makes us unique and enables us to find the most time and cost-efficient method to avoid or resolve disputes for our clients.

We understand the dynamics of the shipping business and our solutions for our clients are always down to earth, practical, result-based, affordable, and applicable.
We have a wide historical knowledge and experience on the regulatory and legal regime of domestic, regional, and international maritime law that help us represent our clients with smart and right solutions even in the most
challenging and complex shipping law matters which mostly come in the form of:
– Charterparty and bills of lading disputes
– Marine insurance including hull and machinery (H&M), protection and indemnity (P&I), cargo, and charterers’ liability issues
– Cargo claims
– Crew claims
– Death and personal injury claims
– Piracy, cargo theft
– Yacht and marina disputes
– Shipbuilding and maintenance disputes
– Ship sale and purchase consultancy
– Ship finance and corporate shipping matters
– Maritime Casualties;
– Collisions
– Groundings/Strandings
– Salvage
– Total loss and wreck removal
– General average
– Pollution
– Fires and explosions
– Total losses
– Transhipment
– Limitation of liability (constitution and distribution of the limitation fund)
– Passenger and crew claims
– Criminal matters

We provide legal, financial and compliance services for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including strategic assessment, due diligence, and contractual support.

We offer our clients proactive antitrust counsel to avoid potential competition issues in each industry. When issues do arise, we represent our clients at competition authorities and represent them with our experienced lawyers who have deep understanding of the legal landscape for the particular industry and jurisdiction for each client.

Corporate Services

  • We have a unique team that understands the clients’ needs from different sectors and help optimize their contracts and risk management processes. We also provide our clients with up-to-the-minute tax optimization structures.
  • We have a wide network of professionals to create offshore companies and bank accounts around the world. We help our clients to prepare and make their applications to financial institutions within different jurisdictions with required documents including business plans, intention letters and contracts
  • We help companies to do their operational controls to help them enhance the efficiency in the organisation and ensure the integrity and accuracy of financial and accounting information to help them promote accountability and prevent fraud.
  • We also help entrepreneurs to build their financial structures for their new ventures and help them create their business plans before and after establishing the companies with a strategic approach into their targeted market. Our multi-disciplinary team helps our clients conduct their businesses in accordance with the industry standards in their fields.
  • We support our clients with up-to-date information and structures on demand for them to establish a working change management process in terms of the recent developments and regulatory advancements about inclusion, equity and diversity, digitalization, decarbonisation, climate change and sustainability.